PHPCI 1.6 Released

PHPCI 1.6 Released


PHPCI can now comment directly on your Github commits and pull requests. We've also added a technical debt plugin, as well as new UI plugins for Codeception and Behat.

New Features:

  • Subversion support.
  • Redesigned build summary for the dashboard to include recent builds.
  • Automatic commenting on Github commits, highlighting PHPCS, PHPMD errors, etc.
  • UI Plugin for Codeception.
  • UI Plugin for Behat.
  • Technical Debt plugin, allowing you to scan your project for keywords like "FIXME" and "TODO".
  • Email plugin now supports sending via the mail() command.
  • Public key now displayed on project edit page.

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:

  • German language translation improvements.
  • Russian language translation improvements.
  • Polish language translation improvements.
  • French language translation improvements.
  • Italian language translation improvements.
  • Move legends to below chart to avoid word wrapping issues.
  • Escape commit message from XSS and broken markup.
  • Fix undefined variable '$config' in /Tests/bootstrap.php
  • Add query interpolation in PostgreSQL and SQLite plugin.
  • CSS tweaks to improve handling of wide tables.
  • CSS moved to a separate file (out of the layout file.)
  • Fixed fatal error with $this->controller->layout in Application class.
  • Localised dates throughout the front-end using moment.js.
  • De-duplication of recipients in the email plugin.
  • Reset the status of a duplicated build to avoid strict-mode errors.
  • Make build log and meta value columns use MEDIUMTEXT data type to avoid cutting logs short.
  • Allow modification of PHPCI variables without modifying versioned code (local_vars.php.)
  • Update Slack plugin to support the latest version of the library it uses.
  • Lots of code cleanup to pass the "SensioLabs Insights" review.
  • Fixes for the "Create Admin" command.
  • Failures in "setup" stage plugins will now cause the entire build to fail and cease execution.
  • Session cookie now lasts 12 hours, meaning less signing in for everyone!
  • Made SSH key generation more robust.
  • Fix issues with Phing plugin when run from outside build directory.
  • Fixed settings handling for symlink creation in local build.
  • Convert tapString to UTF-8, allowing UTF8 output from PHPUnit, etc.
  • Email plugin: use "default_mailto_address" as a fallback only.
  • Set the CommandExecutor buildPath property when a build is created.

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