PHPCI 1.4 Released

PHPCI 1.4 Released


We're pleased to announce the release of PHPCI version 1.4! This release comes with a totally new look, a bunch of new features and more bug fixes than you can shake a stick at.

New Features 

  • New Admin UI based on Admin LTE
  • Gulp JS Plugin
  • Branch filtering on project view page
  • Added support for Github JSON web hooks
  • Added cutoff after which builds are marked as failed
  • Added limit of one concurrent build per project when not using Daemon mode.
  • Phar archive plugin
  • Non-interactive installation mode
  • Improved PHP Spec plugin

Bug Fixes & Tweaks

  • Fixed SMTP encryption for emails from PHPCI
  • Fixed line number link in PHP Code Sniffer plugin
  • Added %BRANCH% variable for plugin configs
  • Fixed profile update
  • Fixed parallel lint directory parameter
  • Added commit message to builds imported via Poll command
  • Fixed TAP Parser support for skipped tests
  • IRC plugin now joins channel before sending message
  • Fixed infinite recursion when using an array of directories with PHP Unit
  • Updated PHP Copy/Paste Detector support to new version
  • Removed PHPCI’s autoloader, now uses just composer autoloader.
  • Support for committer email and commit message in Git web hook
  • Readable JSON/Yaml output for config files
  • Switched to build status badges

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