Install PHPCI

Installation Steps

  1. Go to your www directory (on a Linux server, this is usually /var/www)
  2. Download Composer: curl -sS | php
  3. Download PHPCI: ./composer.phar create-project block8/phpci phpci --keep-vcs --no-dev
  4. Go to the newly created PHPCI directory, and install Composer dependencies: cd phpci && ../composer.phar install
  5. Run the PHPCI installer: ./console phpci:install
  6. Add a virtual host to your web server, pointing to the "public" directory within your new PHPCI directory.
  7. You'll need to set up rewrite rules to point all non-existent requests to PHPCI.

Please see the installation instructions page on the wiki for more information about installing PHPCI on specific platforms and web servers.


  • PHP 5.3.8+ (must have OpenSSL support and the exec() and shell_exec() functions enabled.)
  • A web server. We prefer nginx.
  • Composer (
  • Git (
  • A MySQL server to connect to (doesn't have to be on the same server.)

Latest Release: 1.8.0

Last updated 2018-06-18

Release Notes

Lots of bug fixes and tweaks, including:

Removing unused and broken PHP Copy/Paste Detector Plugin Email plugin localisation Cron job debug mode Improved Russian translations Webhook controller fix when sent an invalid project ID Adding Chinese language support Improved Polish translations Fixes for SVN webhook handling Update for Deployer plugin Switching source for PHP CS Fixer plugin Fix proc_open deadlock Handle Github private pull requests properly Enable support for PHP short tags in lint plugin

Recent Releases

Version 1.8.0

Last updated 2018-06-18

Version 1.7.1

Last updated 2016-06-23

Version 1.7.0

Last updated 2016-06-29

Version 1.7.0-beta2

Last updated 2015-11-07

Version 1.7.0-beta1

Last updated 2015-10-15

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